Getting Started & Using Project Me Pro Your Way

We are happy to give you some ideas on how to plan for the launch of your Project Me Pro training system. The following are a few questions you can review and consider as you decide the best working model for you, your institution, and your users.

DashboardsFirst, take a minute to get to know the features of Project Me Pro.

  • E-learning modules
  • Portfolio templates & interface
  • Communication tools
  • Analytics & reporting

Read all about it here »

Then, answer some of these questions to get your started:

1. How will you want to use the system? Do you what to offer it to all the student and job seekers you work with? Do you want to target a small group of people?

2. How will you want the users to register? Do you want the users self-register, or would you like to have a pre-loaded group assigned to the system in advance?

3. How will payment work? Do you want to pay for user seats upfront and distribute them through our Enterprise version, or will the users pay on their own in a Single-Payer system? Learn more about pricing here »

4. How will you deliver the training information? Will you want the users to go through the modules on their own or will you deliver this content in workshops, in a classroom or over a webinar?

5. Will you want the users to complete certain modules? before doing things like meeting with an advisor, attending a job fair or applying for an internship?

6. Will you want your advisors to be integrated into the system? to answer questions and review portfolio pieces? Or would you like the system to be a standalone training exercise?

7. How will you want to use analytics? Do you want to set some custom filters? How will you use the reports and data? Will you set goals and targets to measure performance?

8. How will you use the badges and completion certificate? Will it be something you use to incentivize the users?

Set up your site and get started today!