International Students Coming to the US from Abroad

9 August, 2018  |  Denise Spacinsky

Since the 1920s, US colleges and universities have been popular destinations for students to come to study. In the last decade alone international student numbers grew by almost 40%. In 2018, there was a notable decrease in new international student enrollments due to political challenges, even so the total enrollments were still impressive:

China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil are currently the most popular countries of origin.

International students are important to US higher education institutions because they bring in important tuition revenue as well as cultural richness and vibrancy to campuses. Plus the vast majority of international students are in STEM programs and contribute to our technology employment landscape.

Generally speaking, a large number of international students who come the US want to earn their degree and find a job here. It is not always possible because of the complexities involved in acquiring visas, but still these students want to give it their best shot and spend a lot of time trying to figure out how they can break into the job market. In order to do that these students need the basics of job search and career development education like:

  • How is the US job market structured?
  • What kinds of jobs will be available to me with my background and degree?
  • What employers are open to offering visa sponsorship?
  • What should my resume look like? What information should be included and not included?
  • What is a cover letter anyway?
  • How do I apply and interview for positions? How does the process work?

Career services offices at the host colleges and universities are generally stretched for time and resources and may not always have enough bandwidth to answer questions for their international students to a degree that they would like to.

This is where Project Me Pro can help.

Project Me Pro is an online learning system designed to teach job seekers (and international students!) how to find and land a position in the US job market. The solution combines self-paced e-learning modules, templates and worksheets for job search materials, a collaboration platform for career advisors to work with students, plus plenty of data and analytics features to track success. We partner with colleges & universities, workforce development organizations, non-profits, career coaching communities and others who help support helping students, interns and job seekers find employment.

Are your responsible for helping a large number of international students understand the US job market and try to find positions? Are you looking for ways to streamline that process?

Take a look to see if Project Me Pro will work for your organization and set up your site today.