Well done Mom! Great job Dad! Your kid graduated from college!

12 April, 2019  |  Denise Spacinsky

Let’s make sure that investment pays off

You worked hard to give your child everything they needed throughout their childhood. The ballet lessons, the soccer camps, the math tutors, the language coaches. The reading time, the trips to the library, the museum tours, the petting zoos. The SAT practice tests. The piles of books and fancy educational toys. And all of those digital gadgets.

You invested heavily in your child – not just in time and money, but also in worry and planning (all that planning!). Everything was to ensure that when it was time for college, they were ready.

And they were! You looked at many college options to find the best fit. You visited campuses and filled out all the applications (and paid all of those fees!)

Once the acceptance letters came you started planning some more… dorm rooms, roommate matches, finding the best late-night burrito places.

Eventually, you dropped them off so they could start their adventure on their own for the first time.

College, of course, had its share of expenses too. There was that (rather hefty) tuition bill, plus all the (mysterious) add-on fees and extra charges. There were books. And lab fees. Maybe they were in a club or went abroad for a semester. You probably sent care packages and extra cash and always made sure their laptop was up to date. You set up their dorm. Then set up their apartment.

Then you came to see them graduate.

Bravo! You can be proud of your college graduate and all of the work you did as great parents to get them there.

Now, don’t you think that investment should pay off? The next thing you want to be celebrating is their first (real) job.

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Considering the investment you have already made, it’ll feel great to know that you made the final choice to be sure that it all paid off. (And at a fraction – of a fraction, of a fraction – of the cost).