Online Learning

Online Learning & Scalable Career Services

Technology changes everything – and it has been especially true in education. Online learning in the US at the college level has been steadily increasing year over year for the last 14 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Internships in college are becoming more and more important as the objective of ensuring that students land positions after graduation increases in priority for administrators.

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More International Students

International Students Coming to the US from Abroad

Since the 1920s, US colleges and universities have been popular destinations for students to come to study. In the last decade alone international student numbers grew by almost 40%. In 2018, there was a notable decrease in new international student enrollments due to political challenges, even so the total enrollments were still impressive:

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International students

International Students Study Abroad Participants

Many of us in higher education work to draw a direct line between college and employment. In that process there are some interesting paths, one of which is that of the international student. Every year millions of people decide to leave their home country to study in another. Students take study abroad programs every year in order to take advantage of the unique experience they will receive living and studying in cross-cultural and multilingual settings and getting a broader idea of the world in general.

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Alumni group

The Value of Online Career Services to Alumni

Alumni communities are highly valued by colleges and universities. They can be powerful spokespeople to encourage prospective students to apply and enroll. They can contribute by participating in events and mentorship programs to expand networks and positively promote the institution. But most importantly, alumni can offer support through financial contribution and donations, which are always encouraged and welcome.

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Your Way

Getting Started & Using Project Me Pro Your Way

We are happy to give you some ideas on how to plan for the launch of your Project Me Pro training system. The following are a few questions you can review and consider as you decide the best working model for you, your institution, and your users.

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Liberal Arts Students

What kind of job can you get with a liberal arts degree anyway?

Liberal arts programs turn out some of the most interesting and refined people in our society, but they can face a challenge with employability. Have you ever heard the question:

“What kind of job can you get with a liberal arts degree anyway?”

There are many great answers to this question, but they are not always clear or straight forward. Liberal arts majors and graduates need to do extra, focused work to develop clarity about their career path and how what they study will apply to the professional world.

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3 Mantras to Stay Calm During a Job Search

Job transitions are incredibly stressful. They are so stressful that I often find myself telling clients to take a deep breath and relax when we start to work together. Their voices shake and the stress energy reverberates off of them. I can sense that they are not sure what to do, where to go, what to expect – so many unknowns make for a nervous temperament. I want to make them a cup of tea and hand them a soft blanket. Rub their hair and say in a soothing, motherly tone that everything will be okay in the end.

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Bad Interview

5 Reasons You Were Not Hired (Hint: It’s – Likely – Not Personal)

I get inspired to write from my clients. And sometimes my neighbors.

This morning on my walk back from dropping my son at school I had a chat with one of the other moms. She looked haggard (well, we all do some mornings, don’t we?) and mentioned that she just took a job in Cambridge MA. That’s a 45 minute commute from us without traffic. My breath caught. Ohh…you have 3 kids…ohh…you have to leave at 6am every morning…ohh…your morning nanny just quit…ohh…

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